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A Rolling Sobat Day

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May. 10th, 2010 | 02:00 pm
mood: sleepyZzz.....
music: "I'm Sleeping" Co-rchestra

- memo -

5.7 CX#01 party at Kakamigahara Aka-kara
5.8 777F party at Kanayama
5.10 A Rolling Sobat Day
A drowsiness has come after lunch. I could not have had a sense of tension for a local preliminary strength test on this day. I had already taught a newcomer how to use digi-came, so that I thought I didn't have any other role. And, I had broken down the balance because this newcomer's act was terrible. And, I went to sleep over my work on a chair racalling GW things. Then, my chair has got a rolling sobat by one person of officialdom. Oops...! I named this day A Rolling Sobat Day as a warn for myself. Spring, it is a pretty sleepy season.

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