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a_killer -killing what it used to be-
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"I don't like to delete old texts because I feel like I'm deleting history," said my friend. She's only in elementary school. I replied that "Neither am I."
2005年からTripodを、2006~2010年はLive Journalを、英語表現の試みとして、また記憶の断片を残すことを目的として、そしてFacebookとmixiには、それらをlinkさせて来ましたが、2011年からは人生収束(下山)について考え、その種のメモは、暫くは手書きによる自分ノートにて行うことにしました。よって、以降のblog更新はないものと思います。これまでお付き合いいただいた皆様、ありがとうございました。- April, 2012

I've come back to Japan. How am I viewing this country after a year & 2 months of absence? I believe that these photos & memos on LJ will be clues at some time in the future. - June, 2007

I resolved to enjoy petty things around me more. Now that my joining the Boeing project has been agreed on, it would be the right time. I'll stay around Seattle for one year or more and feel differences in not only languages but process of work, customs &..., what's called, "cross-culture". I must say "thank you for your understanding" way in advance. And good-bye, my bad habits of regarding my stuff as smaller and too absorbed in one thing. - January, 2006